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buge #graffiti #spraypaint Music: Brock Berrigan - The Celebration Song
Behind the scenes video of legendary Heliobray from Setubal, Portugal painting a huge wall at the Container Yard, located at the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). Watch Heliobray as he lays down his signature flares to paint this detailed and colorful graffiti street art wall.
Join two graffiti artists from Budapest, Hungary - Fat Heat and TransOne - paint a badass Wolf Pack graffiti wall on a steel industrial building in East Los Angeles, California. Completely done in free-handed free-style form, the two bring their distinct street styles to the wall.
Behind the scenes as street artist, Cyrus the Vyrus (Cyrus Howlett) paints "LOVE" using ASL (American Sign Language) near San Diego, CA during the Carlsbad 5000 marathon. Wall Provided by Bryan Snyder of the Carlsbad Art Wall program.
Burbank Mural by Dytch66 with spray paint on the side of Starbucks. About Dytch66: Robert "Dytch66" Gomez Born in 1974 and raised in Los Angeles, Robert "Dytch66" Gomez is one of the leading visual artists and muralists of his generation that emerged in the wake of the influence of graffiti and street culture in the 1980s.

New Ewkuks YouTube Series: Beyond the Wall!

"Beyond the Wall" Episode #5 - The 5th episode takes you beyond the wall with Turtlecaps, a former High Times editor, who pursued his dream of being a full-time artist. Learn more about the man behind the Turtlecaps... About the Artist - TURTLECAPS: Born and based out of Queens, New York...
Davia King woke up in the hospital on March 9th with a lacerated liver, broken vertebrae and two fractured ribs. She didn't know how she got there. She had been hit by a drunk driver. The first thing Davia recalls after the accident is asking for a hand to hold.
"Beyond the Wall" Episode #3 - This edition features street artist - Morley who is known for typographic posters he wheat pastes around the city... usually featuring his own self-portrait interacting with the words. Frank Warren (Founder of PostSecret) states, "Morley's work can feel like love notes, private jokes, public secrets or a last testament.
"Beyond the Wall" Episode #2 - This edition features street artist - Dirt Cobain who is known for his pop art, specifically his "Beverly Pillz" and "U Get Me So High" series. Learn more about Dirt Cobain's controversial art.
Beyond the Wall - MDMN MDMN's inspiration from a '90s childhood filled with bright action figures, creepy extra-terrestrial villains, and armies of robots can be seen on every piece of MDMN's work. Arts of all kinds has driven MDMN to release his passion for bright colors and imaginative dreamlike characters.