“Classic Street” a solo show by Rise One from Belgium, refers to the clash of styles within the artwork and design.  It is a mix between the old and the new.  With LA Letters created out of columns inspired by ancient European Architecture and Ornamenting, with twists graffiti flavor.  The same concept applies to Rise’s other works.   Some a nostalgic mix of classic Disney, clean graphic design, and graffiti.  And others inspired by old-school Gameboy characters creating fresh 8-bit colored pieces. 

Rise One started spray painting and doing graffiti in 1998.  Once he picked up that can, he knew graffiti would be an integral part of his life.  Over the next 20 years, Rise One was honing his skills, constantly taking his work to the next level, shaping him into the incredible artist he is today.  Lettering and Hardstyle’s are Rise’s bread and butter, but his skills reach much farther than that.  Rise combines his lettering in combination with graphic element and photorealistic portraits, creating an extremely unique style that is recognized worldwide.

Rise One is a full-time artist based in Belgium.  With his large-scale projects, events, and private collectors, Rise is always on the move.  His works can be seen in Antwerp, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, all over Europe to Los Angeles, and New York.  He is also organizer and leads Meeting of Styles Belgium, the Largest International Graffiti Festival in the World. 

Join us and RISE ONE at Ewkuks Gallery for the Opening Reception of “Classic Street.”  New Works, Limited Edition apparel and Prints, FREE refreshments, and more!

Opening Reception and Collab Release Saturday, Sept. 21st at 8pm

527 N Fairfax Ave | Los Angeles


Sponsored by Loop Pro Writing Tools and John Drew Brands



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