Kimchi Juice (Julia Chon)

House of Kimchi: a solo exhibition by Julia Chon

HOUSE OF KIMCHI” introduces Julia Chon, also known as Kimchi Juice, to LA. Chon is a 19-year-old artist based in Washington, D.C. who was officially recognized by Instagram as a “Young Entrepreneur” in 2017. “HOUSE OF KIMCHI” showcases Chon’s motif of combining cute and subversive elements. This exhibition is a curated collection of Chon’s work injected with a street vibe inspired by the night markets of Seoul and Daegu in Korea.

At the age of 16, Chon started her art career creating watercolors of animals "flipping the bird" for global chefs including Rene Redzepi, Jacques Pepin, and Kwame Onwuachi. The combination of cute-on-the-outside but dangerously underestimated speaks to anyone who deals with the public, and is a good description of the artist herself.

Chon's works have been exhibited in group and solo shows in Worcester, MA; Richmond, VA; and Washington DC. She has collaborated with the Korean Cultural Center, DC United, ‘47, and Apple.

At 17, Chon painted her first mural - a 132 foot long wall - for POW!WOW! DC and fell in love with large-scale projects. Last year she was invited to paint with the AWALL mural project during Art Basel Miami. While there she also battled in Secret Walls alongside Drew Merritt, Birdcap, and Angel Once.

She now straddles the world of fine art with paintings that are heavily influenced by her Korean heritage. As a young Asian-American female raised by a mother who is one of seven girls, Chon felt impressed to portray strong, powerful Asian women like the ones she knows. Depicted in traditional Korean dress, these modern women redefine what it means to be a “good Asian girl”. She has transformed some of these paintings into murals in Baltimore, MD; Austin, TX; and Richmond, VA.

Join us and Julia at Ewkuks Gallery for the Opening Reception of “HOUSE OF KIMCHI.” New Works, Limited Edition apparel, FREE refreshments, and more!

Opening Reception – Saturday July 20th at 8pm

527 N Fairfax Ave | Los Angeles

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