Art Shows

Current Show

“Animal Instincts”, Kiptoe’s FIRST Solo Exhibition, showcases an array of paintings capturing the spirit of the Royal Lion, Dynamic Bird, Stubborn Tiger, Noble Horse, etc., combined with a Human Counterpart. The feeling of instinctual connective energy can bring us through our raw emotions to the deeper levels of what we really perceive

Past Shows

HOUSE OF KIMCHI” introduces Julia Chon, also known as Kimchi Juice, to LA. Chon is a 19-year-old artist based in Washington, D.C. who was officially recognized by Instagram as a “Young Entrepreneur” in 2017. “HOUSE OF KIMCHI” showcases Chon’s motif of combining cute and subversive elements. This exhibition is a curated collection of Chon’s work injected with a street vibe inspired by the night markets of Seoul and Daegu in Korea.

CATCHING TAGS: Rafael Sliks FIRST solo show in Los Angeles
Rafael Sliks presents a body of work that spotlights the simplest and most prevalent type of graffiti – the tag. Used as a signature, the tag expresses a graffiti artist’s ability to showcase his speed, precision, and artistry with a single-color tag of his moniker. Like a fingerprint, no tag is alike and each one is unique

HOW TO VANDALIZE VANDALISM: an Augmented Reality Graffiti Exhibition by Fat Heat
Inspired by the never-ending war on graffiti, Fat Heat transfers the battle into the safe space of the gallery. His artworks display fictional graffiti’s in familiar settings, however even this domestic environment isn’t able to serve as a guarantee for serenity: it is their unescapable fate to come alive and then become destroyed. All this in front of your eyes. Beware, the attacks will be animated and all damages will stay virtual.

REFUSE RESIST REVOLT: a two man art show by Jaber and Aware
Brings together two prolific graffiti writers for an impactful showcase of new artwork from Jaber and Aware. An underground culture born out of the need to question authority, graffiti has always been a way for the marginalized to stand out – to be seen and heard. These roots of questioning authority are a driving force in the messages Jaber and Aware have set out to share.

The Gang: a solo exhibition by Binho Ribeiro
Opening Reception - Saturday, March 9th at 8pm

One of Brazil’s original graffiti artists, Binho Ribeiro started his street art journey in 1984. Since then, Binho has amassed a body of work that includes his collection of original characters – Binho’s “gang”. “The Gang” is inspired by the history and evolution of Binho Ribeiro’s characters who have appeared on walls across the globe. Each character, unique in their own way…

A MILLION FRACTURED MOMENTS MADE WHOLE: a solo exhibition by -Morley

A collection of Morley’s art, featuring fan favorite prints, as well as some new original pieces, “A Million Fractured Moments Made Whole” will be showcased at Ewkuks Galleryon Fairfax in Los Angeles. During the opening of Morley’s new show, we will also be celebrating the release of Morley's new book: "Let's Burn This Moment Down to the Filter" featuring original art and a book signing...


"Take Out" is dedicated to all the Foodies and Food Porn Connoisseurs of the world. Food is a universal language experienced by every human throughout time and space. It comes in different shapes, colors, variants, backgrounds, and origins. Every artist showcased in this group art show, like food, come from different backgrounds and flavors….


Pill POP’n CULTURE brings a new collection of artworks from 2SHAE, highlighting the hold addiction has over its victims. A visual representation of addiction, 2SHAE’s faceless “Pillhead” character is often depicted lurking behind his prey wearing white cartoon gloves with a long black and wiry-haired tail wrapped in bandages.

The Cannabis Art Show curated by GuerillaOne

Marijuana is a magical plant. One of its most common uses is to elevate the mind. During this higher state, people enjoy doing countless different activities (or non-activities); for many, the activity of choice is to explore their creativity…

MDMN X Sopinsky: Ultra Scum

The time of Ultra has left its mark on this world - epic blasts of energy and color have crossed the galaxy… leaving walls destroyed, alternate realities emerged, and new titans of power created…

ECOCO for the Arts


UNDISPUTED: Curated by Colors in LA

Thriving with color, Los Angeles has one of the most diverse and vibrant street art cultures in the world. Curated by Colors in LA, “Undisputed” is a showcase of the graffiti writers, muralists, street artists, and street photographers who collectively color the streets of Los Angeles....

Ewkuks - LACER Thumbnail Image Website web.jpg

LACER Afterschool Programs: "If I Were President..."

Ewkuks and LACER Afterschool Programs have teamed up to present a one of a kind art exhibit. Professional artists and LACER’s middle school artists were asked to create artwork based on the theme; “If I Were President…”

Davia King: Reborn

Davia King woke up in the hospital on March 9th with a lacerated liver, broken vertebrae and two fractured ribs. She didn’t know how she got there. She had been hit by a drunk driver. 

The first thing Davia recalls after the accident is asking for a hand to hold. Hands of many shapes and sizes cradled her own, and as her consciousness returned she realized they belonged to nurses. She’d been blessed. She was still alive...

Art-Chemists SK8 Show
Opening Reception - Saturday, March 3rd at 8pm

"Art Chemists" is an assemblage of skilled artists situated in Los Angeles with years of expertise across diverse artistic mediums and an assortment of flexible styles. Art Chemists offer a wide selection of creative services for their clients. They have an extensive artistic knowledge and skills; drawing, design, typography, illustrations, and painting...

Brett Crawford Solo Show: Los Angeles Guardianes
Opening Reception - Friday, December 15th at 8pm

Painter, metal sculptor, street artist, printmaker and illustrator are only a few of the titles Southern California based artist Brett Crawford holds up his sleeve. Not bound by any one specific skill, the multi-talented artist started getting back into the creative scene four years ago after a 13 year hiatus. His work can now be seen on walls and in galleries across the country...

Adam Dare and Dirt Cobain
Opening Reception - Saturday, November 11th at 8pm

Adam Dare and Dirt Cobain duo show.  The hustle behind the Bunny and the Bottle.  

Saturno the Creatter Solo Show: Depths of LA
Opening Reception - Saturday, September 23rd at 8pm

Born in 1979 in the small coastal town of 'Malgrat de Mar (Barcelona), his childhood was surrounded by VHS tapes, recreation centers, and cinema halls.  As a child, near his home, he would contemplate the illuminated signs announcing the weekly films, which because of his young age, he was unable to watch.  This circumstance combined with the mysticism of the seventh art, and provoked by his imagination...

The Pink and Green Art Show
July 15th, 2017 to Sept. 15th, 2017
Opening Reception Saturday, May 13th at 8pm

Something about the art of AngelOnce-- the way he flows with a spray can has caught the attention of young and mature audiences alike. He is the original creator of the Pink Angry Elephant...

The twin within…A story of an amphibious hip-hop star battling his way up the charts with caviar dreams and champagne wishes. This iconic character emerges himself to his craft...

Dytch66 Solo Show
May 13th, 2017 to July 10th, 2017
Opening Reception Saturday, May 13th at 8pm

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Robert "Dytch66" is one of the leading Visual Artists and Muralists of his generation that emerged in the wake of the influence of Graffiti and Street Culture in the 1980’s...

MDMN Solo Show
Jan. 11th, 2017 - Mar. 31st, 2017
Opening Reception Feb. 11th at 8pm

Inspiration from a 90s childhood filled with bright action figures, creepy extra-terrestrial villains, and armies of robots can be seen on every piece of his work. Arts of all kinds has driven John to release his passion for bright colors and imaginative dreamlike characters...

Plastic Jesus: The Art of Crime
Oct. 27th, 2016 - Jan. 10th, 2017
Opening Reception Nov. 12th at 8pm

Plastic Jesus is a Los Angeles based street artist that specializes in bold  stencil and installation work, inspired by world news events, society, the urban environment, culture and politics.  His critically acclaimed work combines humor, irony, criticism  and unique opinion to create art that engages on many levels....

Gardner Street Elementary Student Showing
The Art of Community

Gardner Street Elementary School has a dedicated art studio space provides Gardner Street students with a creative environment in which they can explore and grow.  Run by a cadre of parent volunteers dedicated to ensuring that the visual arts continue to hold a place of importance in students' lives...

July 1 - Sept 30th, 2016
Opening Reception July 16 - 7pm to 10pm
Closing Reception September 24th @ 8pm
-Featuring an Interactive Pasting from the Artist

Morley is a Los Angeles-based street artist that specializes in bold, typographic posters which he wheat pastes within the urban landscape. Blending humor, hope and his unique perspective on life, Morley’s aim is to act as a friendly voice amongst the cacophony of billboarded messages...

eWKUKs... Presents Erik Gonzalez
April 4 - June, 2016
Opening Reception April 16 @ 7pm - 10pm

Erik Gonzalez has been an active aerosol artist for over fifteen years and has had his work profiled on both national and global media outlets that include newspapers, magazines, web media, television and radio interviews. Erik is also a member of various professional urban marketing collectives

L.A.C.E.R. Afterschool Programs Student Showing

For 20 years the award-winning L.A.C.E.R. Afterschool Programs have provided underserved middle and high school students in Los Angeles with free arts, athletics, and academic activities after school. By allowing young people the opportunity to expand their learning...


Raised in East Los Angeles California. I always knew I wanted to be cool... but I never knew I was going to create a movement with my art. I can officially call myself an artist, I just love to paint, its my passion. I've been painting for about five years. It all started in 2010 somewhere in Los Angeles. And from that point and on, I have dedicated my days to creating, drawing and painting.I have done so many things, opened so many doors...