"Art Chemists" is an assemblage of skilled artists situated in Los Angeles with years of expertise across diverse artistic mediums and an assortment of flexible styles.  Art Chemists offer a wide selection of creative services for their clients. They have an extensive artistic knowledge and skills; drawing, design, typography, illustrations, and painting. In effect, tasks ranging from murals, logos, customary scenery, portraits, and lettering are all within their reach. It is their passion to create and commitment to succeed that drives them.

Art-Chemists SK8 Show
Opening Reception
 3.3 at 8pm
527 N Fairfax Ave | LA | CA

Artists (in no particular order)
Jaime Guerrero
Paloma Montoya
Daniel Toledo
A. Woods / Everlasting Hands Co.
Adrian Contreras
Chuy Hartman
Aaron Gonzalez
Shoko Yanagisawa

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Instagram - @artchemists